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Terms and Conditions

1. About Leonardo LTD

The company providing the service is Leonardo LTD, registered 813147912, situated on the following address: Varna, str. Kr. Mirski 7. The address for communication is Sofia, Zh.k. Bokar 38

2. Service Policy

Access to our service is given to any client who is registered in our website with the correct and accurate data or to whoever contacts us by e-mail or phone call to require a service.

Giving us false data in your client profile or during e-mail and phone call conversation cancels the order.

As a registered user the client bears full responsibility about maintain his password and username secret also his personal information in his profile (incl. address, phone number, information regarding payments etc.)

To have access to services provided by Leonardo LTD, the client must accept the terms and conditions of this document.

Leonardo LTD can limit the access to services of a given client if his past actions arise suspicion of bad behavior.

Every client can have up to one registered account on this webpage.

3. Prices

The price related to each product is presented in Bulgarian leva and includes Value Added Tax (VAT). The price given is for one piece of the product.

The prices shown on the website which are scratched with a line, show the recommended retail price for stores. These prices have a purely informational nature and these are not the actual prices.

The invoices for purchased products or coupons (vouchers) are only in Bulgarian Leva (BGN).

Invoices are only made for the client who has made the order

The product shipment towards the client is paid by Leonardo LTD.

Leonardo LTD maintains the right to change prices of products on the website without holding any liability or owning explanations to the users. Every client of the online shop is obliged to pay the price at the moment in which the order was made.

Also the client must agree to the Terms and Conditions

4. In-stock

Our automated system makes a check every hour to update the status of the products. If a product you have ordered turns out to be out of stock you will be warned via e-mail or telephone after the order is placed.

5. Orders

A client ca make an order at any hour of the day. The ordered product appears in a cart, in which at any given time the client can see the ordered items and their prices.

In order to make an order it is required that you either login with your account or that you input a phone number, address and contact while checking out the order.

it is necessary to leave a name of the client and the shipment address – this can be the address given during registration or another address.

6. Ways of payment

Leonardo LTD provides the opportunity to pay with Cash on Delivery.


The Shipment of the products is only done by a delivery company

The time of shipping is between two and seven working days (in Bulgaria). This time counts if the order has been placed before 15:00 on the same day. If the order is done during a weekend (Saturday – Sunday) the shipment could take longer.

Leonardo LTD offers free shipment. (On the territory of Bulgaria)

Due to unforeseen circumstances not depending on Leonardo LTD it is possible that the shipping date is going to be slowed down.

㤠1. An integral part of The General Terms and Conditions is the collection and protection of personal data of LEONARDO Ltd.